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About Us

How Our Program Works

Optimized Outcome Solutions is an innovative patient education program based on discoveries made while researching and writing the book, "The Optimized Patient". Our program uses recovery guides and a team approach to provide daily interaction with program participants to encourage, engage, and measure their preparation for and recovery from surgery or recovery from a workplace or other injury.  For decades health care consumers have been told that a pill or a procedure will cure their ills. Patients have been disengaged from their own recovery primarily due to a lack of information and education. Our program re-engages our program participants in their recovery and will provide them with the education and interaction they need to help them succeed and achieve an optimized outcome.​​

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The Optimized Outcome model provides daily encouragement with motivational videos and messages from celebrities and authorities who have successfully used the program. Their profile and special experience will help the program participant establish the positive mental attitude needed to optimize their recovery.

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The Optimized Outcome model engages program participants in their individual recovery needs with daily education that keeps the participant focused on the "Four Pillars of Recovery - mindset, nutrition, activity, and rest."

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Optimized Outcome Solutions is partnering with OutcomeMD to measure the outcomes of participating individuals.  Participants will be assessed at the beginning of the program and again as they complete the program. Each program participant will self-report their activity on a daily basis to help keep them engaged as they monitor their progress. 

The Optimized Outcome Solutions program is designed to commence once the pre-op or treatment order has been approved by the insurer or an individual experiences a serious injury. The up-to-six-month program goal is to hasten and optimize the recovery, return to work and life of the program participant.  In cases where the participant might need further assistance, the program can be continued beyond the six-month time frame.  

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